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Stierlink Ventures

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Ready to take your business international? We're here to help. Get your personalised internationalisation plan today and start reaching new markets—risk-free. Don't let borders hold you back. Take control of your global expansion with our expert guidance.

Venture Studio

Supercharge your business. Branding, UX, product, growth, talent, legal, financial modelling, marketing all covered. Launch smarter, grow faster. Simplify your startup journey with our Experts & Partners at your side.

Investment & Scale

Fueling growth worldwide. Connecting businesses with global investors. Global investors, local scale. We connect companies with private investors across the globe. Building growth partnerships. Your business, our global network.



On-the-ground roots:

Establish legal entities in key markets like Germany, France, and the UK. Native-speaking sales teams build trust, boost adoption, and win over large clients.


Partner power:

Leverage local partner ecosystems tailored to each market. Empower your sales team to build strong relationships, unlock partner-driven pipelines, and accelerate growth.


Regional reach:

Expand from key markets to encompass 70% of Europe.
Leverage cultural alignment in Germany for the DACH region, France for Benelux, and the UK for multinational targets.


Customer-centric focus:

Marketing: Speak their language! Localize content, websites, PR, and communications.
Legal: Simplify business. Offer agreements in local languages and ditch translation hassles.
Pricing: Be flexible, especially for SMEs. Understand the "Mittelstand" – 99% of Germany's economy!


Product fit for the win:

Identify your "Product-Market Fit" and localize the user experience. Show commitment to the local market and deliver a seamless, culturally relevant product.


Motivated sales champions:

Empower your sales team to leverage local partners, build relationships, and drive partner-led pipelines. Unleash their potential and watch those pipelines grow!


Innovations Hubs


Startups Served

Who we are

StierLink is your one-stop shop for business growth in today's competitive world. We combine consulting expertise, venture building, and investment power to help you.

Global Reach, Local Touch: Our team of experienced consultants, operators, and investors boasts over 20 years of experience across Germany, the EU, UK, USA, and India. We're fluent in both English and German markets, and have a strong focus on the technology sector.

Your Tailored Toolkit

We don't offer one-size-fits-all solutions. We work closely with you to understand your unique challenges and goals, then craft bespoke solutions that leverage our:

Local market expertise: We navigate the nuances of different cultures and business environments.
Extensive international network: We connect you with the right partners and resources worldwide.
Down-to-earth approach: We believe in clear communication and collaboration, building strong relationships with our clients.


Catalyzing Growth in Europe
Let's ignite your European success story.

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Investors & Accelerators:

Go global! We help you expand reach, source promising European startups, and unlock new investment opportunities.

Startups & SMEs:

Push boundaries and conquer Europe. We offer tailored support to scale your innovative ventures and maximize impact.

Venture Studios:

Amplify your impact. We provide resources, expertise, and regional market guidance to nurture future tech disruptors.

Innovation Labs:

Spark the future. We bridge the gap between academia, research, and startups, accelerating groundbreaking new ideas.

We serve the following sectors


Artificial Intelligence

Data & Connectivity


Sports Tech



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Software Industry

Germany is home to the single largest software market in Europe - accounting for around a quarter of the European market by value.


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